Company approach

VR|46 is a young brand but already leading the merchandising industry of motorcycle sports, which points to its economic development without neglecting the aspects related to the environmental and social sustainability.
In 2016, VR|46 Racing Apparel decided to undertake an evaluation process of its supply chain in order to verify the level of environmental and social impact and start, over the next few years, an improvement process with the collaboration of its suppliers.
The VR|46 commitment is also to raise awareness among customers by increasing their consciousness on environmental and social issues related to the VR|46 products while purchasing and using.
VR|46 firmly believes that this can be a small but important contribution to the environment and the community.

Sustainable supply chain

The Supplier Code of Conduct
VR|46 is committed to develop its supply chain responsibly.
The suppliers of the main and more sold VR|46 products (t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts and polo shirts) are explicitly bound to the values of social and environmental responsibility through the "Supplier Code of Conduct." This code is based on the respect for the human rights and the protection of the environment and it is applied to the Italian and foreign suppliers who have signed it.
The "Code of Conduct" was launched at the end of 2016 after an accurate assessment of the environmental and social sustainability profile of suppliers.
Download "Supplier Code of Conduct"

The sustainability of our products

VR|46 Sustainability Product Rating
Immagine che contiene testo, dispositivo  Descrizione generata automaticamente VR|46 developed a classification system in order to help customers to choose the most sustainable products and to inform them about the efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its supply chain.
The label applied on the main VR|46 products (t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts and polo shirts) sums up the overall «sustainable friendliness» of the product, i.e. whether suppliers are environmentally and socially virtuous, from «5», the best, to «1».
This simple representation helps customers to be aware of the level of environmental and social sustainability while purchasing the VR|46 products.

Post Purchase Environmental impact
The total lifecycle footprint of a Cotton T-shirt is 2.34 kg CO2, which is the total carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted from raw materials extraction, production, distribution, consumer use and disposal.

Source: The Carbon Footprint Of A Cotton T-shirt. Continental Clothing Co. Ltd. 24th March 2009.
The lifecycle of this particular product identifies the consumer use as the single largest impact, constituting 48% of the value (the consumer use is made up of automatic washing, tumble drying and ironing twenty five times during the product's useful life).

VR|46 wants to transcend the product and influence the post-purchase care. The VR|46 Sustainability Product Rating label suggests how to take care of the item in a way that respects the environment. Here are the basic tips:

1. Wash your clothes less frequently and at low temperatures
2. If it is possible, do not use the centrifuge or the dryer but hang your clothes and let them air dry. It is good for your clothes and the planet!
3. Use eco-friendly detergents
4. Donate clothes, that you no longer wear, to vintage shops or charity associations
5. Upcycle: transform your old clothes creatively
6. Reuse bags and boxes containing new clothes
7. Choose and prefer products with certification labels and/or the manufacturer's indication of the environmental and social impact generated.